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Dao Siam Cosmetics Boutique & Laboratory

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Dao Siam Cosmetics is a Thai brand dedicated for Natural Cosmetics in retail size products.

The birth of Dao Siam Cosmetics has been accompanied by the opening of a Boutique Laboratory in Choengmon, Koh Samui.
This is a UNIQUE concept, where customers can attend, for FREE and LIVE, the manufacture of a cosmetic.

Dao Siam Cosmetics, the cosmetics that make you feel good:
- Natural
- Palm oil Free
- Paraben Free
- Paraffin Free
- No animal testing

We offer a full range from head to toe, including scrubs, oil, masks, lotions, cleanser, moisturizers, gels....


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Tel : +66(0)77417232
Tel : +66(0)836428925 -

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Web :

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